Our Story

“Working with Spiti Holiday Adventure, in Spiti Valley, has helped me peel away the non functional layers built over years, and has let me connect to my true self.” - Sandhya Subramanyan / 2017

Ever since its inception in 1989, Spiti Holiday Adventure, the most experienced local travel company in Spiti Valley, has been operating in what was traditionally a B2B (business to business) market. All this changed, when we decided to open up the market and connect directly with travellers from all across the world by offering the most authentic local travel experience in the valley, at the best local prices minus any middleman commissions. Despite the 30 years of experience, our mindset is that of a startup - always trying to push boundaries to build a beautiful product. Working here, and being a part of the growing process can be exciting and equally frustrating. Here, the responsibilities are high, lines between work positions are often grey, everyone seems to be doing everything. But most importantly, everyone works towards building something they love.

What we do

At Spiti Holiday Adventure, we are a small group of nomads with an unending thirst to explore and build a more authentic local travel experience. Based in Kaza (district capital of Spiti) and Mcleodganj, (yes, we have offices with awesome views), we primarily promotes tours and treks in Spiti Valley. So just another glorified travel agent? Yes and no. Spiti Holiday Adventure, unlike travel ventures, is not a middlemen between travellers and travel suppliers.

Our objective is to operate at the ground level in Spiti Valley, where we promote, explore and document our trails, build our own hotels, train our own local staff and so on. So when you travel with Spiti Holiday Adventure, you visit the stunning Spiti Valley, get a taste of the local travel experience and all this – at local prices.

Work Culture

We believe in product first, sales later. If you are working with us, you’ll probably be wearing multiple hats, juggling various responsibilities and have sketchy work timings. We understand that most people prefer to be given a fixed work timing and a responsibility, but then – we are not most people and if you’ve continued to read this far, you’re probably not like most people either.

Apart from the love for building an exciting product, the team is bound by the love to travel – so there would be a time when you would be typing away to glory behind your computer screen on one day, and the next day, you would be navigating the harsh roads of Spiti Valley.

At Spiti Holiday Adventure, it’s possible. Click here to know more about the team.


We believe in smaller teams that are committed and dedicated to our cause. This means that if you do something magical, it gets noticed and appreciated. One of our team members came from Mumbai for a two week project to videograph a certain folk dance in Spiti Valley. He loved the place and our work so much, that he decided to stay back and work on our logistics. Next year, along with continuing to document the valley for us, he took over our operations at our office in Kaza.

So when you work with us, you work with no maps, borders or coordinates. You are free to explore your own line of work if you think it would add value to the organization and would help us build our vision. If you’re keen on doing innovative work, travelling, and solving problems and creating opportunities, we welcome you to join us on our journey.

Join the circus

Sales and Communications Associate

Spiti can be a hard place to reach - physically and virtually.

At Spiti Holiday Adventure - we take communications very seriously. Being the most experienced local travel organisation in the area, it’s our responsibility to ensure that the traveller gets the best information available, as quickly as superhumanly possible.

As Communications / Sales Associate, you become the face and voice of Spiti Holiday Adventure. We are looking for someone who is super-fluent in spoken & written English + spoken Hindi, is #always-online, knows the latest trends in digital communication, can analyse big data and help develop sales. Your skills will help us in guiding potential travellers over email and phone, and working in sync with the ground and operations team to ensure that all the road trips and treks are functioning on autopilot.

We’ll go “yaaas!” if you are someone who has at least 2 - 3 years of experience in any career field, can write smart and succinct English copy, has a sales and conversion approach every day, a hawk eye when it comes to numbers and data, and of course - cringe when you see a bad font.

Some highlights of the job:

  • 4-6 months of paid testing period starting April 2021
  • Will require to spend some time in Mcleodganj, Kaza and sometime in Pune as well. 
  • This is majorly to do with the backend of tour planning and execution
  • Proficiency in Excel, writing professional emails and a drive to understand Service ethics.
  • Can handle numbers and that eye for detail to spot errors easily.

Location: Mcleodganj / Kaza / Pune


Sales and Communications Associate


Photography, Design and Social Media - Internship / Partner

Summer 2022 Internship - 8 Weeks
What are you doing this summer? Does working with a travel company in the mountains, sound exciting?

Here's a chance to get a quick sneak-peak into the life of a vacation planner.

The internship will be a bit of everything not-easy. The primary objective of the role is to help us organise our communication channels, design brochures, create visual documentation, instant shareable videos/ pictures and assist on all communication levels. We're looking for a self-motivated individual who can wake up early without an alarm, with an eye for detail, very good at planning and can handle design files, who is constantly up the trend and knows social media on the back of their hand.

If you're really good at what you do, we might just help you settle down in the mountains. We are looking for a freelancer, who'd be up for travel / design projects as and when required in future as well.

Hit Apply, if you think the following details work for you:

  1. Tenure: April 20 - June 30
  2. No experience required. Must be good at Photoshop, Indesign and friendly with other design applications as needed.
  3. Social media friendly

To apply, fill up the form below and tell us why you want to work with us OR mail your CV/Portfolio and a brief note about yourself to [email protected]

Please restrict all communication regarding this internship to emails only. No calls.

Location: Mcleodganj / Kaza


Photography, Design and Social Media - Internship / Partner


Website Developer

We're redesigning our website - and looking for two experienced website developers who specialise in frontend / backend web development respectively and can work remotely.

We're looking for:

1) One Frontend website developer proficient in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and an eye for aesthetic design. 
Some experience with working with WordPress and PHP basic knowledge will be preferred.

2) One Backend website developer who is proficient in PHP with Laravel and MySQL.

Requirement is immediate, payment will be industry standard.
If you feel you're the right fit, please drop a mail with your CV / work experience to [email protected]

Location: Anywhere


Website Developer


Work in Spiti, for Spiti!

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